Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Events 2014

Do you have big plans for the weekend? How about enjoying a little early Christmas shopping while you stroll through the booths at the Boise Home Show? Not quite ready to face the holidays yet? That's okay too. Stroll through Expo Idaho's vast expanse and take in the sites and sounds of busy vendors and curious customers!

Come join us at the Boise Home Show, Oct 24 to 26th, at Expo Idaho, Friday 5 - 9pm, Sat 11 - 7pm, Sun 11 - 5pm. For more information click the link: http://bit.ly/ZreD3b

Hello Barbecue Sauce Fans!

...And welcome to Fat Daddy's Barbecue Sauce Blog! This is the place where we'll share tips, tricks, recipes and so much more - all geared toward making a Fat Daddy's fan out of you and your clan. Does the world need another recipe blog? Probably not. But that's not going to stop us from starting one, if for no other reason than to help spread the good word about a great sauce.

Fat Daddy's Barbecue Sauce is unique. We use old fashioned methods and fine ingredients to produce distinctive flavors and perfect consistency in every sauce we make. By following this tradition of quality we've created 7 amazing sauces to compliment all of your favorite foods. An exceptional sauce also needs an exceptional online home to help people add more flavor to their food and their lives.

Sometimes we'll share original recipes that we make for our own families. And sometimes we'll feature recipes made by our fans and followers. Other times we may feature delicious foods and recipes from other great sites around the internet. We'll always try to make sure what we share inspires you to make food taste great with barbecue sauce or turn you into a Fat Daddy's convert, if you aren't already one.

We may even throw in a few grilling product reviews or prep tips for your favorite meats. We hope you'll stick around, discover our delicious sauces and benefit from our blog. Ready to try one of our seven sauces? Click on over the site and order one or three to try for your next grilling party. We'd love to connect with you on social media too. That's where we share our calendar of events and places you can go to find our booths.

Let's connect!

Until our next post, get your grill on and your meat sauced!